5 1/2 Steps to Accelerate your New Year Resolutions.

Do you  want to Super Charge your life and get super results this coming year?! Accelerate your New Year resolutions  with this simple, but effective steps and see how far you can go in achieving your goals.

#1 – Be optimistic, positive and hope for the best Year.

Concentrate on facts, project positive thoughts and visualize desired outcome, even if you have unsolved business, credit card balance or some ugly matter  following you to the New Year.

Our thoughts have an ability to materialize and create reality so be merry and merry  things will come to your.

#2 – Set one or two resolutions for different areas of your life.

It can be  :

Job or carrier

Start a new job, take a leap to a new carrier, ask for a raise, ask for fewer working hours (without cutting a paycheck) start a new business……


Adding  Yoga to your workout, run a marathon, quit smoking, quit drinking, lose 5 pounds and etc…..


Joining a dance club, Take a trip to Alaska……, do karaoke


Spend more time with your family, travel to visit your family, visit your grandparents …. confront your sister about stilling your jeans :)))


Increase your portfolio, find new streams of income, ask for a raise…

You  may fail in one area but  feel motivated to work on other areas. Just do not quit all at once, please…..

#3 – Create an action plan:

Resolutions are your goals, your final point of  arrival.

Now you need an action plan. Take your goals and brake them down to an action steps. Create an action plan for an each month with 5 action steps per month ( or more if you feel superwoman strong :)).

#4 – Plan to act in 24 hours. 

Take first step within 24 hours. It can be a simple research or scheduling an appointment or calling a prospect. Just act! Universe will see that you are committed to your goal and will give you ab extra powers to fulfill them.

#5 – Celebrate small victories 

It is very important to praise yourself and acknowledge your accomplishments. Be thankful to yourself and to everybody who helps you on each step towards your goal. Thankfulness is a powerful energy it multiplies and helps you to be in peace with yourself and with everything around you. When you are in peace you have clarity. When you have clarity you have power to make the right decisions.

#5,5 – Evaluate

In today’s fast word change is rapid and some resolutions you set at first of the year may look less important while you move forward.

Evaluate yourself every 3 month.  It`s OK to change a direction or eliminate few steps.

Do not stress! Remember all your resolution have to lead to:

Good Health, Peaceful Mind, Kind Heart, Meaningful Life and Prosperity*

* Definition of prosperity – Ability to share joy and happiness.

I know what you think  – what about money??? I did not forget money-you will be truly wealthy  if you  have all of the above in your life and money will be there as well ….. just do not forget to include ” Make more money” in your New Year resolutions and then think positive and act fast!

I wish you Happy New Year from Maia Smith and from Renu Derma Family.




My every Year Resolution is to visit one new country each year. In 2013 we visited Jamaica. I am planing to be in Dubai for New Year celebration in 2015..and travel to Italy at spring 2014-  promise I will share photos :)))

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