Building my Dream Life!

Hello my dear Readers, Friends and Customers…

It has been a great year filled with excitement, fun and hard work.

It was so much fun to learn the new things and discover that if you willing horizons will broaden and life will open up in new perspectives.

During this Year :

# I learn to have fun and enjoy life! And had best time with my Friends 


#. I learn to be happy for others and value their achievements.

Best friends wedding was happiest day of the year!


# I Learn to value friendships and accept friends as they are!

(Still working on that – have long way to go)


# I learn that only You can make yourself and others happy -Nobody can do this work for you!

Our pets can contribute a lot to the happiness :)))


# I learned to be lighthearted and love what you do!


Following is my public self revision and New Years Resolution.

This is how I see myself today and where I`d like to be tomorrow.

My name is Maia Janashia Smith. I am 43 years old -married woman.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Most important values for me are: My Religion – Orthodox Christianity, my Family and my Friends. I am trying to live by God’s words and will defend his wisdom with my life if needed.

I am honest person, always eager to move forward. Always optimistic and passionate.I think about my self as dependable and persistent.

I love to be around people and easily form new friendships and partnerships. I love to Motivate, Inspire and Help people. I enjoy learning new things.

Most important asset today for me is time. I made a decision to never work 9-5 job again.  Perfect working hours for me are 10 till 3, to be off every  Saturday and Sunday to enjoy life and spend time with family and friends.

By 2015 I will make Renu Derma Natural Cosmetics  ( my private label skin care line) a sustainable business. Short term goal is to have $100`000 revenue and long term goal is to sell 10 products a day.

I ‘d like to sell Maia’ s Fashions ( my boutique) by 2015 and fully dedicate my energy to Renu Derma. Also I want to open a cultural center/gallery by 2015  thinking about non profit.

I would like to develop  my self as a  professional  speaker and have once a month paid speaking engagements. Would love to travel to different countries and inspire women.

I calculated in detail how much it will cost me to live lifestyle I desire, fulfill all obligations and responsibilities  and was surprised that it is not as dramatic amount as I expected.

I`d like to share this with you so may be it will inspire you to set the goals for your dream life and start building it step by step.

I am on my way to create my “American Dream” no matter of what  global economy intend to do next year.

2014 will be an “Year of Action” .What about you, what are you planning to achieve in 2014?

Please share. When you share your dreams you have more power over them and feel more accountable to act. When you act you show  Universe that you are more dedicated to your dreams then to your daily life..

Financial Report of my Dream Life

Prices are for NC area

Health                                                                           Month / Year

  • Eat healthy                                          $500 $6000

  • Gym – Workout 3 times a week   $40 $480

  • Massage                                                 $50 $600

  • Hair/Nails                                             $100 $1200


                                                                                           $690 $8280


  • Once a year visit my family -Republic of Georgia  $166 $2000

  • Help Mother (additional )                                                   $100 $1200

  • Help Nick  ( disabled Nephew)                                          $100 $1200


                                                                                                                                $366 $440


  • Communion and confession once a month

  • Lent all Lents

  • Donation V


                                                                                                                 $200  $2400


  • Go on a trip once a year                                      $166   $2000

  • Party, BD, Event                                                    $100    $1200


                                                                                                                 $266  $3200

Material Things

  • House on the lake                                                    $800 $9600

  • “Infinity ” SUV                                                          $500   $6000

  • Clothes                                                                           $100     $1200


                                                                                                                       $1383  $17200

Investment/Saving                                                                         $100    $1200

Total for this life style                  Week $764   $3056 Month   Year $36`6480

I need to make$150 a day to support this lifestyle . Not bad at all and looks like I will have a great balanced and happy life, with God`s help, equal contribution from my husband and my determination.

Merry Christmas to Everybody, I wish you a great success, balance and fun this New upcoming Year. 

Please share your goals and let`s work together to encourage and help each other.

Maia Smith

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